Voyages By Kim is able to book travel in the United States, and Internationally. Voyages By Kim has been recognized 3 times in the DC area. This includes CBS DC, as well as Travel and Tourism, as "One of the best travel agencies in the DC area". Voyages By Kim was recognized as the best Travel Agency in Gaithersburg, MD for 2020.


We are experts in Travel Packages. Our focus is not stand alone flights. We are able to help with stand alone cruises or hotels. Travel Packages are not limited to however can include two segments for example: a flight & hotel, or rental car & excursions. Many of our travel packages will also allow you to set up a payment plan. We feature in-house payment plans to K-Club members or, book online for travel now pay later options. 


Our claim to fame is  K-Club, our official travel club. We provide you with 36.5 hours of VIP travel planning per year. We will provide complimentary quotes for anyone in your household. At this time it does not cover friends or extended family members. From there you can decide if you are ready to move forward. Post covid, Voyages By Kim does not focus on the individual quote request. 


In 2023 we plan to bring back K-Cash. Our rewards program.


Voyages By Kim is happy to see others live their dreams, add additional income, and travel for less! We are consistently on the look out for new agents. If you know a co-worker, friend, or family member that loves to plan trips for others send them our way. We would be delighted to be their HOST AGENCY. Voyages By Kim Rewards Referrals with Amazon give cards. If you know a business, a colleague, or a friend that can benefit from having a Travel Agency on demand feel free to mention our K-Club benefits 24/7!